Sunday, September 12, 2010


Family is something that I have always felt was extremely important in my I grow older I feel more and more I began to have my own family..which right now is just me and Matt..and someday a little person, I hope.. I am so happy that Matt and I have each other and that we have become a small family of our own..I am still a huge Daddy's girl..although sometimes, I feel like I'm being left out..but what it is that I am no longer a child but an adult and it is time to grow up and start my own family and life..I feel like I miss out because I still have a little sister and brother at home, that I didn't get to experience things with..I am the oldest child, I have Kristin who is pretty much my twin, aka 15 months apart in age will do that to you, and Kendra, my younger step sis who has been apart of my life since I was six so that makes her something special to me and then there is Chase who is the only sibling I have from my mother and stepfather, who has been there by my side for much of my teenage years, and you I helped in a sisterly way raise, and then there is Dallas, who is the most sensitive and lovely sibling I have ;) and last but not least at all is the princess Angel, Laken, who has been one of the most wonderful thing I have had in my life..She was born when I was 15, so she could be my kid, although she def is NOT, I love her with her freckles and red curly hair..

As for my parents, David is my father and therefore my rock in this crazy thing we call life..with his interesting knowledge and way he describes things and or wisdom..he knows everything or at least says he does..

My mother, Jeana, who brought me into my life..who gave me my life and everything wonderful in it..

My stepmother, Melissa, who I have had since I was a little kid, gave me Kendra, Dallas and Laken, and I very much love her for it..

I have amazing Grandparents, my greatgrandparents, Ralph and Marie King..were some of the people you only meet once in your life..Grandpa King with his overalls..and reading the newspaper every morning..and Grandma King who did everything she possibly could for him, she was the kindest woman I have ever known..I miss them everyday..I was with them everyday of my childhood, them living next door was the highlight of my young years..I learned all about Days of our Lives and frozen pizza during the summers I would spend visiting with them..

My Nana and Pa, my dads parents, who are the funniest grandparents, are former Craft Fair Salers :)

Grandpa and Grandma Michael, who Gma Michael, Judy passed away 2 years ago this month..I also miss every single day, she was my cool grandma, who used to let me drive before I had a permit and listened to KISR radio with me..and Grandpa Michael with his crazy stories and bazar weather predictions...

And many many, wonderful Aunts and Uncles who I love so much in their own unique ways...

And I have been extremely blessed with a wonderful family that I have been welcomed to is Matt's Family..we are talking about some of the most AMAZING parents a kid could ask for..Ken and Carolyn Smith..and a future sister n law I can't get enough of...Jackie...

All in all, Family is #2 to me, following in a tie with God :)