Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trying Again... I'm going to vent..

I feel like there is never enough time in the day..I can never get everything done, that I need to take care of..and if I happen to amazingly get almost everything on my "To Do List" done, I am freaking estatic and relieved..

People are sooo STUPID!!!AHHHH!! Sorry just had to get it out, I'm not talking about people in general, just some that I see around me...Seriously, I want to ask them, "how do you make everyday"..I mean that in the nicest way possible..

I HATE that I am OCD..I wish for one day I could make it go away, and just be a messy person, instead of this uncontrollable neat freak, that I have become and has taken over my life!! AHHHH!!

I wish I could learn to BREATH, that most of all would be wonderful..I know my life is not bad at all, but sometimes in my own little world, I feel overwhelmed...

Okay, so just had to get all that out today...

:) God Bless :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Beginning.. very first blog..EVER. Very impressed with myself, never thought I would actually blog..
Side note-My boyfriend just walked in, while I am blogging and is making fun of me, real nice..

Anyways, I will start again, so I don't know how all this works so I will just go with it..

Life is pretty good right now, Matt just got a new Jeep this weekend, found out my engagement ring has been purchased, finally after almost 3 and half years of dating. Although I am grateful that we did wait this long before getting engaged that way we know for sure, that this is really who we want to spend forever with...I can't imagine my existence in this life without him..I know, I know its a little corny and everybody says that about there significant other, but dang it..I LOVE HIM!!

I can not wait to get MARRIED!!!!Anyways that in itself could be a whole blog topic..

I'm 25, I know exactly who I am, and what I want out of life..I am ready to take on the world..haha, no not really, but it sounded good...

Life is good, but really hard...I think growing up and trying to figure it who you are, is one of the hardest things I have had to experience as of right now..trying to grow up and be your own person in this world..I have had some trouble letting go, and realizing that I will not always have my parents or anyone else for that matter to lean on..

I work my job everyday to the very best of my ability..and then I go home..I have doubts sometime if my life is really want I want it to be..but at the end of the day, I am happy with the life I have, so I guess that is all that matters...