Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm not going to make it!!!

I have heard and heard just elope!! The wedding part is soo not worth it..And I am beginning to think this..I'm freaking out..everything is going to cost a million dollars well maybe not that much, but it is beginning to feel that way..So I've got the date set May 7, 2011 and the time 2:00pm and the place Huntington Methodist Church and I have "THE DRESS" and the veil and the bridesmaid's dresses, and a couple of other small details..its all planned out in my head but trying to describe all that to my mother is a whole different story...

The whole theme is like"Vintage Natural", if that makes sense, it does if you really know me well...

I'm so ready to get it all going and underway and well..OVER WITH!!

The most important thing to me is walking down that aisle in the church I was raised in and seeing Matthews face..and then the waterworks will happen..

On a happier note of my wedding extravaganza, we got our engagement pics done by Pictures by Pickle, aka Ryan Pickle one of my wonderfully great friends from Tulsa! She did an amazing job!!

Here is one that I really like, I LOVE the door that we are standing in front of....

This above all is my FAV...It will be on our Save the Dates, which will be sent out this week..hopefully!!

Even though, all of the planning is very, very, very stressful it is extemely worth it because after it is all said and done I will have married my best friend of all....

Bless, Danielle

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So on Halloween, October 31, 2010..He did it!! Matt proposed after almost 4 years of dating!!! And I said...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is how it happened:    We got up like we do every Sunday, I made coffee and me something to eat, while he slept in. Once he woke up he watched a little bit of the Cowboys game and said, "well if they aren't doing good by half time, I'm turning it off and we can go to town and eat lunch." So low and be hold they did not play well, so we drove to Fort Smith to eat lunch, we went to Marketplace as we were walking in he kept talking about wanting to go "frolick in the field" or just play outside as he said..I thought this was a little strange, because Matt never wants to do anything outside..So we went inside and ate, and as we are walking out, he says "lets go to the park, I want to play outside", and he says "its good to go walking right after you eat a meal" which I thought he was acting retarded and didn't think any thing about as we drove to the park, I was telling him about what I thought we should wear for our engagement pictures, now mind that we are not engaged yet, but I have been talking engagement/wedding ideas and thoughts for the last couple of months because I knew this day would be coming, I just didn't know it was this particular day. So we drive to Carol Ann Cross Park in Fort Smith and we walk around to where the benches are... and we sit on this bench (pic below) and we sat for a minute just taking in the view, and Matthew stood up and said "are you ready for your suprise" and I said " I guess" and about that time he got down on one knee and took out a ring from his pocket, and said "Danielle, I love you so much, will you marry me? And then I lost it, I mean waterworks galore, so I cried for like 5 minutes, before I could say "YES" and then I cried for like 10 more minutes! Words can not begin to describe how completely and utterly happy I was in that exact moment...

So we finished walking around the park, as I adored my beautiful ring, even though I had picked it out a couple of months ago..I love it!!! And then went to the mall, yeah I know the mall, we need a breather before we went to tell our families... And so then I told everybody I knew, I mean the very first person I told was the mens Dillards cologne lady..I just couldn't keep it together....And here we are after we got home and calmed down...ha ha

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Family is something that I have always felt was extremely important in my I grow older I feel more and more I began to have my own family..which right now is just me and Matt..and someday a little person, I hope.. I am so happy that Matt and I have each other and that we have become a small family of our own..I am still a huge Daddy's girl..although sometimes, I feel like I'm being left out..but what it is that I am no longer a child but an adult and it is time to grow up and start my own family and life..I feel like I miss out because I still have a little sister and brother at home, that I didn't get to experience things with..I am the oldest child, I have Kristin who is pretty much my twin, aka 15 months apart in age will do that to you, and Kendra, my younger step sis who has been apart of my life since I was six so that makes her something special to me and then there is Chase who is the only sibling I have from my mother and stepfather, who has been there by my side for much of my teenage years, and you I helped in a sisterly way raise, and then there is Dallas, who is the most sensitive and lovely sibling I have ;) and last but not least at all is the princess Angel, Laken, who has been one of the most wonderful thing I have had in my life..She was born when I was 15, so she could be my kid, although she def is NOT, I love her with her freckles and red curly hair..

As for my parents, David is my father and therefore my rock in this crazy thing we call life..with his interesting knowledge and way he describes things and or wisdom..he knows everything or at least says he does..

My mother, Jeana, who brought me into my life..who gave me my life and everything wonderful in it..

My stepmother, Melissa, who I have had since I was a little kid, gave me Kendra, Dallas and Laken, and I very much love her for it..

I have amazing Grandparents, my greatgrandparents, Ralph and Marie King..were some of the people you only meet once in your life..Grandpa King with his overalls..and reading the newspaper every morning..and Grandma King who did everything she possibly could for him, she was the kindest woman I have ever known..I miss them everyday..I was with them everyday of my childhood, them living next door was the highlight of my young years..I learned all about Days of our Lives and frozen pizza during the summers I would spend visiting with them..

My Nana and Pa, my dads parents, who are the funniest grandparents, are former Craft Fair Salers :)

Grandpa and Grandma Michael, who Gma Michael, Judy passed away 2 years ago this month..I also miss every single day, she was my cool grandma, who used to let me drive before I had a permit and listened to KISR radio with me..and Grandpa Michael with his crazy stories and bazar weather predictions...

And many many, wonderful Aunts and Uncles who I love so much in their own unique ways...

And I have been extremely blessed with a wonderful family that I have been welcomed to is Matt's Family..we are talking about some of the most AMAZING parents a kid could ask for..Ken and Carolyn Smith..and a future sister n law I can't get enough of...Jackie...

All in all, Family is #2 to me, following in a tie with God :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trying Again... I'm going to vent..

I feel like there is never enough time in the day..I can never get everything done, that I need to take care of..and if I happen to amazingly get almost everything on my "To Do List" done, I am freaking estatic and relieved..

People are sooo STUPID!!!AHHHH!! Sorry just had to get it out, I'm not talking about people in general, just some that I see around me...Seriously, I want to ask them, "how do you make everyday"..I mean that in the nicest way possible..

I HATE that I am OCD..I wish for one day I could make it go away, and just be a messy person, instead of this uncontrollable neat freak, that I have become and has taken over my life!! AHHHH!!

I wish I could learn to BREATH, that most of all would be wonderful..I know my life is not bad at all, but sometimes in my own little world, I feel overwhelmed...

Okay, so just had to get all that out today...

:) God Bless :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Beginning.. very first blog..EVER. Very impressed with myself, never thought I would actually blog..
Side note-My boyfriend just walked in, while I am blogging and is making fun of me, real nice..

Anyways, I will start again, so I don't know how all this works so I will just go with it..

Life is pretty good right now, Matt just got a new Jeep this weekend, found out my engagement ring has been purchased, finally after almost 3 and half years of dating. Although I am grateful that we did wait this long before getting engaged that way we know for sure, that this is really who we want to spend forever with...I can't imagine my existence in this life without him..I know, I know its a little corny and everybody says that about there significant other, but dang it..I LOVE HIM!!

I can not wait to get MARRIED!!!!Anyways that in itself could be a whole blog topic..

I'm 25, I know exactly who I am, and what I want out of life..I am ready to take on the world..haha, no not really, but it sounded good...

Life is good, but really hard...I think growing up and trying to figure it who you are, is one of the hardest things I have had to experience as of right now..trying to grow up and be your own person in this world..I have had some trouble letting go, and realizing that I will not always have my parents or anyone else for that matter to lean on..

I work my job everyday to the very best of my ability..and then I go home..I have doubts sometime if my life is really want I want it to be..but at the end of the day, I am happy with the life I have, so I guess that is all that matters...