Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm not going to make it!!!

I have heard and heard just elope!! The wedding part is soo not worth it..And I am beginning to think this..I'm freaking out..everything is going to cost a million dollars well maybe not that much, but it is beginning to feel that way..So I've got the date set May 7, 2011 and the time 2:00pm and the place Huntington Methodist Church and I have "THE DRESS" and the veil and the bridesmaid's dresses, and a couple of other small details..its all planned out in my head but trying to describe all that to my mother is a whole different story...

The whole theme is like"Vintage Natural", if that makes sense, it does if you really know me well...

I'm so ready to get it all going and underway and well..OVER WITH!!

The most important thing to me is walking down that aisle in the church I was raised in and seeing Matthews face..and then the waterworks will happen..

On a happier note of my wedding extravaganza, we got our engagement pics done by Pictures by Pickle, aka Ryan Pickle one of my wonderfully great friends from Tulsa! She did an amazing job!!

Here is one that I really like, I LOVE the door that we are standing in front of....

This above all is my FAV...It will be on our Save the Dates, which will be sent out this week..hopefully!!

Even though, all of the planning is very, very, very stressful it is extemely worth it because after it is all said and done I will have married my best friend of all....

Bless, Danielle

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  1. Hey! I love that you are blogging!!
    I love blogging..
    mine is

    Eloping is faster and cheaper....and yes sometimes I give that advice...but I would never ever ever give up my wedding day...all the stress and the FORTUNE it costed us..was all worth the memories!!

    So I say go for it!! and Have fun!!
    It is about YOU...remember if your stressed...don't think about it for a while..then pick up again have plenty of time...
    and if you need any help..let me know!!
    I love planning weddings!!!